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Formatt-Hitech 85mm Combo 81B/ND0.9 Grad Hard

  • Formatt-Hitech 85mm Combo 81B/ND0.9 Grad Hard
Combination filter Formatt-Hitech Combo 81B/ND0.9 Grad Hard with hard edge.
This filter combines an 81B with a ND 0.9 Hard Graduated filter. The 81 series of light amber (warming) color temperature conversion filters decrease color temperatures and create a warming effect reducing blue casts. The 81B decreases color temperature from 3500K to 3200K.
The dark side of the filter reduces exposure by 3 stops (ND8).
Hard transition from dark to light.
The filter is 85mm wide.

high quality optical resin
Dimensions: 85x110mm, thickness 1.5mm
Compatibility: Formatt-Hitech 85mm, Cokin P, Kood 84mm systems


  • high quality optical resin with an index of refraction nearly identical to the finest optical glass
  • high scratch resistance, low material fatigue, and chamfered corners to resist breakage so the filter will provide years of service
  • made in the UK using the world's most advanced, computer-controlled filter manufacturing technologies
  • Brand: Formatt-Hitech
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