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LEE 100mm ND 0.9 Reverse Grad

  • LEE 100mm ND 0.9 Reverse Grad
Professional filter LEE ND 0.9 Reverse Grad has a stronger density in the centre, with a carefully designed transition zone that gives a natural balanced exposure to the sky.
The dark side in the middle of the filter reduces exposure by 3 stops (ND8).
The filter is 100mm wide.

Reverse ND filters are extremely useful, as they help to control the light in situations where the horizon is extremely bright.
Filters are specifically designed to give the photographer full control over images shot at the beginning and end of the day - they allow exposure to be controlled precisely at the horizon line, where a sunrise or sunset is at its
When using one, you can prevent the sky from overexposing, while ensuring the area at the top of the frame isn’t too dark.

Material: LEE resin
Dimensions: 100x150mm, thickness 2mm
Compatibility: LEE 100mm, Hitech 100mm, Cokin Z-Pro, Kood 100mm systems

Filter comes in a padded pouch.
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